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It will cost you nothing to sit down with me and discuss what you want from your website. Whether you are starting with only a vague idea or considering a redesign of your existing website, my ideas and advice are for your benefit.
If you are in the Seattle or Tacoma area (anywhere around Puget Sound) I'll be happy to meet with you and discuss your website design or redesign requirements. If you already have a website we will discuss where and how it needs improvement. We'll also look at your search engine optimization plan and current search engine placement results. Is your website design easy to navigate? Does the color scheme reflect excitement or confidence? Does your website copy reflect trustworthiness and accurately explain your mission, products, or services? Is your HTML and CSS coding clean and standards compliant? Do your images load quickly and error free? Is your site hosting plan giving you the throughput you need to service your visitors? After our meeting I'll give you a quote for my services.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting.

This is a completely baffling process to the uninitiated. Once you have a web design you have to decipher the hosting acronyms. What the heck does a "DNS", "IP", "hosting" and "registrar" have to do with your website anyway? Administrative and technical contacts? I can take care of this alphabet soup for you. There are many places and approaches to purchasing a domain name and obtaining website hosting in and around the Seattle and Tacoma Puget Sound area. Should you purchase a server, bring a T-1 into your basement and do it yourself? A collocation plan or shared hosting solution might work better for you. How many e-mail addresses do you need in association with your website? Are you likely to incur extra expense for exceeding your hosts bandwidth limitations? I'll be happy to walk you through the options for hosting your website and make suggestions. After you've decided how you want to do it I'll help you locate cost-effective reliable website hosting.

Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

All of the websites I build include Meta description and key word tags. All copy I write or edit for inclusion on a website will use the keywords as often as is appropriate without losing the meaning of the text. This known as "organic" SEO and it is the foundation layer of all other SEO efforts. After the copy is built follow on SEO includes registering the website on as many search engine and directory sites as possible. Link exchanges with other related topic websites are possibly the most important step you can take to improve your website visibility. Ongoing SEO requires making modifications to the keywords and copy, resubmitting the site to the search engines, waiting and then observing the results. I can do these services for you.

Website Design and Construction.

This is the fun part. The look and navigation of your website design are driven by your content. What information do you want to present and what do you want your audience to do with it after they have it? The key to an effective web design is to clearly convey your ideas, products or services. Images, sound clips, Flash and Javascript special effects may be involved but shouldn't distract from your message. Your website should reflect your products and services. Would you buy child care products from a website with a black background and fiery borders? The user needs to be led from one element of your website to the next in a easy to understand and comfortable fashion. I strive to always write standards compliant CSS and HTML. About Sound Web Designs I rarely use table layouts anymore unless I absolutely can't get the elements in place any other way. This is of little consequence to most users of course, but it does make a difference to persons using special software to overcome physical handicaps and to some degree it affects Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Most of the client's I've met with already have a good idea of what they want their website to look like. They may have a few other websites they like a lot or they may go off in a completely new design direction. I'm happy to work with them either way.

Website Maintenance.

Things change. Prices Change. People change. Services and products get dropped or added. Your website design needs to be kept current or it will be telling yesterday's news. Nothing diminishes a prospective client's confidence in your business faster than telling them you don't actually "do that" anymore or that was last years price. I want long-term clients (aka friends), this means working with the client and the subject matter over a period of time.

Website Makeovers.

Tired of your current website? Having difficulties getting in touch with your original designer? Make Sound Webmaster your new webmaster. I'm looking for long-term clients. I make myself available on short notice.

List Management.

I also manage lists. It's sort of a second calling. I manage mailing lists for the most part, but a list is a list and I can clean them up for use by a printer in a mailing or prepare them for your telemarketer. Using a combination of Access, Excel, Word and some custom PERL scripts I have written I can separate data, merge data, reorder and filter your lists into a usable format.

Terry Thomas