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Request a free consultation is the Registry for miniature cattle. The website also serves as a repository of information about the science of breeding and the business of miniature cattle breeding. This project was actually a makeover of an existing website which had been abandoned by the original designer. After some research and many exasperating telephone conversations with the various parties involved I was able to guide Michelle through the steps necessary to reclaim her deceased father's domain name and set her up with a new hosting and maintenance plan.

The major challenge with was the amount of information which had to be accessible and easily navigated. We chose a javascript driven fly out menu. This approach has the advantage of being easily edited in a single location/document and displayed across 80+ pages. There was a lot of editing and formatting work done to get a consistent look and feel for all the articles.

We also provided very conspicuous links to the most often used services of the registry.

T-ZINE Media was my first project using WordPress. While I still am not a huge WordPress fan I must give the developers credit, it makes a lot of things much easier than they are when you roll your own. That is, as long as you can locate the right menu and fill in the blanks from the documentation.

Kim's objective with T-ZINE Media is twofold; "a modern digital publishing and marketing company dedicated to developing a network of niche lifestyle publications exclusively for tablet devices" and to interest investors in a new digital publishing company.

Since the concept of the company is to produce digital publications for the tablet market the website had to completely scale for different size viewing portals (responsive). Wordpress has pretty much mastered this concept. Using some pretty handy plug-ins allowed me to take advantage of some nice accordion and slider effects as well.

Kent Predators - Seattle Timberwolves - Everett Raptors Kent Predators
Seattle Tiomberwolves
Everett Raptors

A Western Washington franchise of the Indoor Football League. Originally known as the Kent Predators the team changed it's ownership and name midway through the first season. After finishing the 2011 season as the Seattle Timberwolves they moved to Everett as the Everett Raptors. The websites featured slideshows (including a sponsor carousel), player bios with popup statistics pages, CGI generated sponsor thumbnails, photo galleries and videos, Server Side banner rotation for sponsors, multiple contact and sign up forms. There were many pages of photos presented with a Jquery lightbox script and embedded player videos

Mono Rooftop Solutions Mono Rooftop Solutions is a roofing company just south of Seattle. Nate and Greg wanted a low-key clean design for their web presence. They wanted to simply establish a presence for their already well established business of commercial and residential roofing. In addition to showcasing the numerous organzations they are members of they introduce their primary materials suppliers.

Seattle Timberwolves NSO Entertainment provides all-access entertainment packages for private and corporate clients to some of the most exclusive events and experiences in the world. These entertainment experiences include film premieres, awards shows, after parties, red carpet events, film festivals, fashion shows, music festivals, meet and greets, concert experiences, set visits, backstage passes, VIP sporting events, and celebrity parties.

Building on Mike's existing website we incorpoated many pleasing graphic touches and floatbox content presentations which allow visitors to quickly and easily review all of the current offerings (they change monthly) without leaving the page.

Cartoonlink Marketing programs is the flagship website for my former employer and friend Stu Heinecke. The site pictured here is the latest iteration of a long-term project to sell Stu's marketing tools and programs. A former version of the website is featured below.

This version of the website features a content area which slides back and forth over the background image as the browser window is resized. Information within each page of the website is displayed in a content area in which the copy and graphics are swapped in and out of view without reloading the entire document. This is a handy technique which allowed us to present a lot of information, including videos, in a limited amount of space.

The website is hooked to a shopping cart and allows secure purchases of Stu's products and programs.

GAC Company Professional Plumbers GAC Company Professional Plumbers is a plumbing company based in Santa Rosa, California.

Gary wanted a website to introduce visitors to GAC Company services and to be a source of plumbing information for consumers.

The GAC Company site contains flash drop down menus and a slideshow. E-mail links are coded to identify which page prompted visitors to send an e-mail and customers are provided a contact form. The site also required some custom graphics and extensive repair and manipulation of provided graphics..

Gary and I collaborated on his key words and copy to provide a strong base of organic search terms. Gary has put a lot of effort in his own Search Engine Optimization to capitalize on this, frequently hitting number one on Google.

Marina Inn, Des Moines, WA The Marina Inn website is a multi-page website designed to extoll the attractions of staying in a hotel located in the Marina District of Des Moines, WA.

The website copy is designed to provide potential guests with information about the Inn and local tourist attractions.

The website features four separate slideshows and a contact form for reservation taking. I am currently in the process of optimizing Sham's website for search engine traffic. His site currently is featured in multiple reservation services, directories and hotel review websites. The object is to bring his organic listings near the top of the search results so visitors can go directly to the Marina Inn website to place a reservation rather than book a room through a third party.

Divine Housekeeping Divine Housekeeping Services matches experienced and trustworthy house-cleaning professionals with busy people all over the South Seattle area.

Becky had just purchased the business from her former employer when she contacted me. She wanted a website which was not too different than the existing one but updated with all new contact information and additional content.