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I've been involved in website marketing since 1995, a few years after the end of a successful U.S. Navy career spanning 22 years. I started out as a website salesman about the time business was discovering the marketing possibilities of the World Wide Web. I schlepped myself and my trusty Toshiba laptop all over Seattle and Western Washington attempting to sell prospective clients on the virtues of exposing their businesses to everybody with a PC and a modem. Stretching a very long piece of phone line across desktops and fax machines, I often found myself providing my sales calls with their very first look at the Internet. It was a difficult undertaking and we did not prosper.

I soon found myself at a Seattle marketing firm which dealt primarily in direct-mail but was venturing onto the web as an extension to traditional marketing methods. Most of our clients were large-circulation magazine publishers and we were involved with their circulation managers gathering new subscriptions and renewals. As the company Webmaster and IT guy I was building web pages to the artists specifications and designs and writing PERL scripts to capture, store and retrieve form data. I always found it interesting that these large companies with their own in-house IT departments would reach out to a small business like ours to design and build their web efforts.

Today I am building websites for my own clients. My vision is to serve a limited number of clients Sound Web Designs Portfolioand perform for each of them as their very own webmaster. Most businesses can't support an in house web designer and consequently must look outside the store or the firm to establish and maintain their presence on the World Wide Web. There are many options available. From one of the large web design firms which employ a sales force and teams of artists and coders to the do-it-yourself-template and hosting providers. Somewhere in between these opposite solutions are the independent local designers. This is where I am positioning myself. I want to get to know you and your business. I want to work for you like any other employee you have retained.

I want to be your Webmaster. Give me a call and let's discuss what you have and what you want it to be. I'm easy to work with and I'm a good listener. I can take you through the entire process if necessary, from purchasing and hosting your domain to building a shopping cart to optimizing your pages for searches on the major search engines.

Terry Thomas